Bill Money Detector with UV Counterfeit Detection by Carnation

Bill Money Detector with UV Counterfeit Detection by Carnation

Protecting ourselves against the possibility of being paid with fake bill money is now much cheaper and easier thanks to technological development.

For this and many more reasons I recommend, Bill Money Detector with UV Counterfeit Detection and Free Counterfeit Detection Pen by Carnation.

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To prevent fake money from ruining your business, you need to block it where it enters. With the Carnation Bill Detector, you're able to detect and reject suspicious bills before you accept them.

Product Description
Ultraviolet Light Detection: Captures the embedded security thread that glows only under UV light.
Simple and Versatile: The counterfeit Bill Detector is recommended for banks, stores, restaurants, and other establishments that handle cash.

Included with each Carnation Bill Detector
Carnation Counterfeit Detector Pen

What I like about this product
Compact and Stylish
Doesn't take much space on your desk
Works in a Wide Range of Business Environments
From Small Stores to Large Banks

For Small and Large Businesses
The (Fake) Buck Stops Here - Literally!

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