Counterfeit Bill Detector by Dri Mark

Counterfeit Bill Detector by Dri Mark
Counterfeit Bill Detector by Dri Mark. Smallest, easiest to use Money Checker.
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Product description

Searching for the best counterfeit money detector?

Easy to use! Simply glide the bill over the sensor, the device beeps and flashes a green light to let you know the money is authentic! Most cutting edge technology to prevent taking bad bills. Flash Test™ is patent pending for it’s cutting edge triple robust security tests, its small size does not take up much space. So convenient to place nearly anywhere cash payments are accepted. Simply the best fake money detector on the market.
Stop holding bills to the light - No more counterfeit pen checker!
Scanners and lightboxes need maintenance, programming, and expensive bulb replacement. Counterfeit pens dry out or get lost. Stop using bulky old - Fashioned bill checkers.

Watermark, UV, and ink tests for the ultimate fake bill detection. This is better than a money marker counterfeit pen which gets easily lost and needs to be replaced. Our device does not even need batteries! It plugs in with an AC charger. Prevent loss due to money fraud.

Watermark Test: This test works on a currency that is $5 and up. Press the white button to illuminate the platter and place the bill on top. This will reveal the watermarks that are embedded in U.S. paper currency. The watermark test can also show the security strip on all bills.
Ink Test: While the device is packed with 3 different methods of determining a bill's authenticity, most opt for the ink test, as it only takes a ‘flash’ to test a bill. Simply slide the bill over the sensor and when you hear a beep and see the flashing green light, you know the dollar bill is authentic.
UV Light Test: Underneath the front of the device, there is an ultraviolet (UV) light in which will illuminate the security strips that are in U.S. currency. Simply press the blue button and use the little guide on top to locate the strip.
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